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Conditions and Rules for ERL1

European Racing League (hereinafter referred to as "ERL") is organized by All rights reserved to Digital Entertainment Factory LLC.

Terms and rules for European Racing League 
Attention: By accepting the following terms and conditions of the statue, you declare that you are familiar with its content and accept all of its terms.

1. General information
1.1. This statue applies to F1 2018 Codemasters league competition for XBOX ONE.
1.2. By joining the ERL you accept the following terms and conditions.
1.3. To be a member of the league you must have registered and activated account at
1.4. ERL is dedicated only for people living in Europe.
1.5. To compete in ERL you must have:
a) the original Codemasters F1 2018 game for XBOX ONE
b) Xbox Live Gold Membership allowing you to play in online multiplayer competition
1.6. Joining to ERL can be done before the season starts or during the season. In the latter case you get on the reserve list or directly to one of the leagues if at the time of joining  the league no one else is on the waiting list.
1.7. The site administrator or league supervisor takes all decisions based on the rules of the competition
1.8. The FIA commission decides in any doubts and rights in disputes between players, based on materials provided by the players (DVR, Screenshots)

2. Absences
2.1. Each absence in the race during the ERL season should be notified to the league supevisor in private message via Xbox or Facebook minimum 2 hours before the race start time.
2.2. The player who will have more than 2 unexcused absences during the season is removed from the league.
2.3. The player who will have more than 3 excused absences or 3 excused absences in a row is moved on the reserve list. His car is taken by reserve driver who is first on the list.
2.4. In justified cases, the FIA Commission may take an individual decision on the specific situation, but only at the request of the penalized driver.
3. Draw of the league divisions
3.1. Each ERL league will consist of 20 drivers representing 10 teams
3.2. After completion of the application to the league, players will be matched in pairs and in the season they will perform as partners from one team. There is a possibility to be in a team with the chosen flayer. For this purpose, please contact the supervisor of the league and indicate nicknames of both players.
3.3. After the cars allocation  it is possible to exchange cars between the teams, but all 4 players must agree for this.
3.4. Every new driver who have signed to ERL after the start of the new season, is assigned to the reserve list if there is no free space in one of the leagues.
4. Lobby settings
4.1. League supervisor or person designated by him who has the best and fastest connection creates race lobby during the racing day. In case of any problems with the connection or absence of the "Main" Host is elected as the new host.
4.2. Initial Race settings: ( possible changes before the start of the season )
- distance: 50%
- Qualification: 12 minutes Short Qualification
- corner cutting restrictions: Strict
- car performance: equal
- car damage: reduced
- wheather: dynamic
- parc ferme: on
- assist banned: braking assists, assists pit stop and ABS)

4.3. If, during the qualification at the same time will be multiple disconections from the lobby, the league coordinator have right (but do not have to) create a new lobby and qualifications will be played again in Short or One Shot depending  of the time lose.
4.4.  If after the completion of the qualifications or during the race there will be multiple  disconnections from the lobby, it will be created for second time, and the race will be repated, and the results of the conducted qualification will be valid. The "Formation Lap" procedule ON. (more about this in section 4.6.)
4.5. The situation mentioned in point. 4.3 and 4.4 can take place up only onee time. In case of second case, the race will be continued regardless of any faults.
5. Scoring
1st  - 25 points
2nd - 22 points
3rd  - 20 points
4th  - 18 points
5th  - 17 points
6th  -  16 points
7th  -  15 points
8th  -    14 points
9th  -    13 points
10th  -  12 points
11th  -  11 points
12th  - 10 points
13th  -  9 points
14th  -  8 points
15th  -  7 points
16th  -  6 points
17th  -  5 points
18th  -  4 points
19th  -  3 point
20th  -  2 points

In the case of DNF, the driver provided that he passed 90% of the distance, receives points.
In the case of DSQ driver receives no points. 
In the case od DNF,the driver who left or lost connection in lobby during the race receives 2 penalty points to the FIA driving license.

6. League Calendar
6.1. The unofficial calendar is available on the website in the tab ERL League> Calendar
6.2. The standard time interval between the GP is one or 2 weeks (or another interval in the non-standard situations, decided by the administrator or League supervisor)
6.3. The exact time of the race will be chosen together with players
7. Racing Rules


7.1.1.  Each of the drivers must drive clearly and consistent with the spirit of competition (Fair Play rule)
7.1.2. Drivers are obliged to "pure" racing throughout the race, trying to avoid contact with other cars. In case of willful causing collisions with other participants, the player will be punished by the FIA Commission.
7.1.3. Start is one of the most dangerous parts of the race, so we advise you to keep an extra concentration and caution during start.
7.1.4. The driver who has left the track should make sure that it is safe to the other participants. If as a result of a collision or pushing out from the track driver gained a position, it has one lap to give this position to the victim.
7.1.5. Overtaking: overtaking driver is obliged to maintain an additional precaution, because he bears the consequences in the event of a collision with the car going on the front. What's more, when overtaking he must provide the overtaken driver the adequate space on the straight and cornering.
7.1.6. Defense: The driver defending his position chooses the path and stays on it, because the direction can changed only once. Defending driver is obliged to leave enough space on the track for the attacker in order to avoid collision. Pushing, excessive blocking and cutting will be punished by the FIA Commission
7.1.7 Divebombs are absolutely not allowed and will be penalize very harsh. As diveboms considered a situation when attacker car is fully behind the overtaking car before the corner entry.
7.1.8. Drivers who, as a result of losing their wings, are not able to continue their normal driving -  they are clearly slower by minimum 2-3 seconds per lap or more than the rest of the drivers - are obliged not to defend their positions risking a crash with the rival. In the case of contact, the driver will be severely punished.

7.2.1. it is your responsibility to keep a minimum of 5 seconds interval before the driver is right in front of you. If you are faster than him, he do not have to give you the space.
7.2.2. Leaving pitstop be careful and watch the mini map not to block another driver.
7.2.3. Please leave enough room and stay off racing line if you're on a in/out lap.It is your own responsibility to find free space on the track when starting a flying lap. A car on a flying lap does not have to yield for a faster car approaching from behind.

7.3.1. Drivers have to stay in grid formation ,on track and act accordingly. Any obvious miss behaviour can result in penalty points.

7.4. SC RULES:
7.4.1 Dangerous driving under a safety car will be punished. Drivers should respect those ahead of and behind them. Drivers should give AT LEAST A COUPLE OF CAR LENGTHS TO THE CAR AHEAD. 
7.4.2. Under the safety car, braking on straights is only allowed if the car behind is a good distance back, and that no dangerous situation is caused because of it. Never deliberately slow to let a car through under the Safety Car, as this may affect other racers with in-game penalties. 
7.4.3 Never go AI (Press options button under SC) this can cause issues with what car to stay behind and asking to overtake, ghosting and brake checking

7.5.1 Pausing the game is absolutely not allowed in any part of the competition, include Qualification out and in lap, Formation Lap and Safety Car. Only the League Supervisor is allowed to pause the game or give this permission to the other drivers.

8. FIA
8.1. Time penalty: 
The competitor will be added 10 or 20 seconds to a final summary of the race time offender player.
8.2. Warning / reminder penalty
The penalty consists of a verbal reminder player via the summary of the race.
8.3. Offset penalty for 20 positions
No possibility to go out of the pit lane during the qualifying session.
8.4. Discualification penalty
Only in exceptional cases, when a player is notorious for breaking the rules of Fair Play.
8.5. Penalty for leaving the session
3 penalty points - for intended, earlier leave of the session before the final official results table
9.1. The player who took the first place in the individual general classification at the end of the season will receive 3 months Xbox Live Gold Membership ( digital code )
9.2. The players who took 2nd and 3rd place in the individual general classification at the end of the season will receive 1 months Xbox Live Gold Membership ( digital code )
9.3. The players who took first place in the team general classification at the end of the season will receive 3 months Xbox Live Gold Membership code for both.

The organizer allows himself to keep the right to change these rules at any time but he must inform all participants at least 2 days before the next race.