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X1 League: Rules and Information

Added by: ERL MiszaPL   Date: 2016-02-10    Visits: 1013    


Terms and rules for European Racing League 

European Racing League (hereinafter referred to as "ERL") is organized by F1online.TV. All rights reserved to IMS Entertainment Corporation.


Attention: By accepting the following terms and conditions of the statue, you declare that you are familiar with its content and accept all of its terms. If you have a problem with understanding it please use google translate. To join the league, please complete the short application form available under the statue.

 Achtung: Wenn sie die folgenden Regeln und Bedingungen akzeptieren, bestätigen sie, dass sie mit dem Inhalt vertraut sind und alle Regeln akzeptieren. Sollte es Probleme beim Verständnis geben, nutzen sie bitte einen google Übersetzer. Um an der Liga teilzunehmen, füllen sie bitte das nachfolgende kurze Bewerbungsformular aus.



1. General information

1.1. This statue applies to F1 2015 Codemasters league competition for XBOX ONE.
1.2. By joining the ERL you accept the following terms and conditions.
1.3. To be a member of the league you must have registered and activated account at
1.4. ERL is dedicated for people living in Europe. However, if you are not a resident of the EU but would like to join the league, please contact the coordinator of the league in order to arrange for a test run, and during the race we will check the stability and ping of your internet connection.
1.5. To compete in ERL you must have:
a) the original Codemasters F1 2015 game for XBOX ONE
b) Xbox Live Gold Membership allowing you to play in online multiplayer competition

1.6. Joining to ERL can be done before the season starts or during the season. In the latter case you get on the reserve list or directly to one of the leagues if at the time of joining  the league no one else is on the waiting list.
1.7. The site administrator or league supervisor takes all decisions based on the rules of the competition
1.8. The FIA commission ( decides in any doubts and rights in disputes between players, based on materials provided by the players (DVR, Screenshots)
1.9. Qualifying and the race are played in one day during one session.



2. Absences

2.1. Each absence in the race during the ERL season should be notified to the league supevisor in private message via for up to 1 hour before the race start time.
2.2. The player who will have more than 3 unexcused absences during the season is removed from the league.
2.3. The player who will have more than 5 excused absences or three excused absences in a row during the next 3 races, is moved on the reserve list. His car is taken by reserve driver who is first on the list.
2.4. In justified cases, the FIA Commission may take an individual decision on the specific situation, but only at the request of the penalized driver.



3. Draw of the league divisions

3.1. Each league (ERL1, ERL2 etc.) will consist of 16 drivers representing 8 teams
3.2. After completion of the application to the league, players will be randomly matched in pairs and in the season they will perform as partners from one team. There is a possibility to be in a team with the chosen flayer. For this purpose, please contact the supervisor of the league and indicate nicknames of both players.
3.3. The draw of the cars will take place during the official opening ceremony of the league season which will be broadcasted live on Twitch and YouTube channels.
3.4. After the end of the draw, it is possible to exchange cars between the teams, but all 4 players must agree for this.
3.5. Every new driver who have signed to ERL after the start of the new season, is assigned to the reserve list if there is no free space in one of the leagues.



4. Lobby settings

4.1. League supervisor or person designated by him who has the best and fastest connection creates race lobby during the racing day. In case of any problems with the connection or absence of the "Main" Host is elected as the new host.
4.2. Race settings:
- distance: 50%
- Qualification: 15 minutes Short Qualification
- corner cutting restrictions: normal
- car performance: equal
- car damage: reduced
- wheather: dynamic
- parc ferme: on
- assist: allowed ( except assists braking and assists pit stop)

4.3. If, during the qualification, at the same time at least one person will lose the connection to the lobby, it will be created second time and qualifications will be played again.

4.4.  If after the completion of the qualifications or during the race at least one person at the same time will lose connection to the lobby, it will be created for second time, and the race will be repated, and the results of the conducted qualification will be valid. The "Formation Lap" procedule will (more about this in section 4.6.)

4.5. The situation mentioned in point. 4.3 and 4.4 can take place up to two times. In case of third case, the race will be continued regardless of any faults.

4.6. In case of the event described in Section 4.4, a new lobby will be created ,only a race. Shortly after the start of the race (when all 5 red lights goes out) players must not press acceleration, staying in their places. Then league supervisor will read players nicknames in the order of qualification. Each driver, when he hears his nickname, should start and bypass the rest of the other cars waiting at the start line. In this way, players will create an array of cars by position achieved in qualification. Start of the race takes place during the lap of which all players have joined the queue, at the time when the player at position 1 will go to the start-finish line and presses accelerate.


5. Scoring

1st  - 25 points
2nd - 18 points
3rd  - 15 points
4th  - 12 points
5th  - 10 points
6th  -   8 points
7th  -   6 points
8th  -   4 points
9th  -   2 points
10th  - 1 point

In the case of DNF, the driver provided that he passed 90% of the distance, receives points.
In the case of DSQ driver receives no points. 



6. League Calendar

6.1. The unofficial calendar is available on the website in the tab ERL League> Calendar

6.2. The standard time interval between the GP is one week (or another interval in the non-standard situations, decided by the administrator or League supervisor)

6.3. The exact time of the race will be chosen together with players



7. Racing rules

7.1.  Each of the drivers must drive clearly and consistent with the spirit of competition (Fair Play rule)

7.2. Drivers are obliged to "pure" racing throughout the race, trying to avoid contact with other cars. In case of willful causing collisions with other participants, the player will be punished by the FIA Commission.

7.3. Art is one of the most dangerous parts of the race, so we advise you to keep an extra concentration and caution during start.

7.4. The driver who has diven the side of the road, turned the car or has no chance of defense of the committed mistake and wants to return to the track, should make sure that it is safe to the other participants. If as a result of a collision or pushing out from the track driver gained a position, it has one lap to give this position to the victim.

7.5. Overtaking: overtaking driver is obliged to maintain an additional precaution, because he bears the consequences in the event of a collision with the car going on the front. What's more, when overtaking he must provide the overtaken driver the adequate space on the straight and cornering.

7.6. Defense: The driver defending his position chooses the path and stays on it, because the direction can changed only once. Defending driver is obliged to leave enough space on the track for the attacker in order to avoid collision. Pushing, excessive blocking and cutting will be punished by the FIA Commission

7.7. Cutting corners and using side of the track: The route is determined by white lines on both sides of the track, similar as curbs. Cutting, intentional leaving outside of the lines or using of incorrect route line is categorically prohibited. Drivers who will try to gain an advantage this way will be severely punished. If you overtaken someone off the track, you are obliged to immediately give up the position, unless you were already awarded by the game penalty.

7.8. Qualifications: it is your responsibility to keep a minimum of 5 seconds interval before the driver is right in front of you. If you are faster than him, he do not have to give you the space. Leaving pitstop be careful and watch the mini map not to block another driver.


8. FIA
8.1. Time penalty: 
The competitor will be added 10 or 20 seconds to a final summary of the race time offender player.

8.2. Warning / reminder penalty
The penalty consists of a verbal reminder player via the summary of the race.

8.3. Offset penalty for 20 positions
No possibility to go out of the pit lane during the qualifying session.

8.4. Discualification penalty
Only in exceptional cases, when a player is notorious for breaking the rules of Fair Play.

8.5. Penalty for leaving the session

3 penalty points - for intended, earlier leave of the session before the final official results table



9. Awards

9.1. The player who took the first place in the individual general classification at the end of the season will receive an official  Codemasters F1 2016 game for Xbox One
9.2. The player who took 2nd place in the individual general classification at the end of the season will receive 6 months Xbox Live Gold Membership code
9.3. The player who took 3rd place in the individial general classification at the end of the season will receive 6 months Xbox Live Gold Membership code
9.4. The players who took first place in the team general classification at the end of the season will receive 3 months Xbox Live Gold Membership code for both.

Join to ERL League


If you want to join the ERL league, please follow these 2 steps:
1. Register an account on the
2. Fill out the following application form:

   I have read and agree to all conditions in the regulation.    Which days of playing the race are appropriate for you?
   Which race distance you would like to drive?
   You want race with your friend in one team? Please write below his Xbox GamerTag
   (Your teammate must also fill out this form and write here your Xbox GamerTag)


   Applications will be accepted until the end of Sunday, 21.12.2016.